Saturday, 16 January 2010

Three cats.

Work has been uninspiring as of late. I get very few shifts, nowhere near enough to pay the rent, and when I am in work it's either very quiet or I am in a bad mood so I ignore everybody. People are boring though.

Today I went to the Happy Cats Hotel with my mam and brother. My brother wanted to house a little rescue kitty. They had big old ducks and chickens and horses and dogs and cats everywhere, it was pretty magical. I felt about five. The nice lady let us into the shed that all the rescue cats were living in, shit, there must have been forty or so of them! They were everywhere. There was an outside bit where I befriended a rad little kitty I think I would call Mop. She was a bit clumsy and kept falling in this puddle of water and then jumping on me and getting me wet. The bit that really stole my heart was when she bitch slapped this white cat that was trying to get my attention. Mop is a little tortoise shell kitty. She must be about a year old and has the tiniest face. Nathan went to look around for a cat and he went inside to a little room where there were loads of cats hanging out listening to the radio. Everything about it made me want to be a cat, hell, they even had the heating on which I can't afford to do all that much. I stayed outside and met some other kitties. One was called OJ, a big fat ginger fucker that was clearly the boss. He was very laid back. A few cats tried to have a scrap with him but he must've done a fuck off meow because there wasn't ever any trouble. Nathan thought he was called OJ because he killed his wife but apparently it was OJ like Orange Juice, because he was ginger. Boring. There were a few other enormous cats that actually looked like bears. I don't think they could fit through the little hole to get into the room with the radio, the poor things. The lady said they all had the sniffles and because there's so many of them (the current financial climate makes people not want to have little cats about the place) it just keeps getting passed around. The cat that eventually chose Nathan had a sore throat. I think a lot of them were sneezing in fact. I think Nathan is going to call her Dilly but I'm going to call her Tilly. She's a funny little thing. I'm going back for Mop as soon as I settle in to my new house. The lady said she was left behind when her old family moved house :( Well Mop, you may be a bit thick and naughty but you're alright. I'll be back...

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